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154 Mt. Gilead Rd EST. 1836 Elder Kenneth Brantley
Tennille, GA 31089


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We at Mt. Gilead warmly welcome those of you who are sincerely desiring to worship and glorify our risen, ruling, and returning Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We rejoice in knowing that salvation is by the free and sovereign grace of a wonderful, almighty, all-wise Savior. At Mt. Gilead, you will find a group of believers that seek to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth and to minister to others. A simple yet dignified service of a cappela singing, prayer, and preaching constitutes the manner of each worship service. In all we do, we attempt to honor the Lord and the doctrine and practice of first century Christianity as set forth in the New Testament.

Please join us each Sunday morning at 10:30 and first and fourth Sunday evenings at 6:00. We encourage you to “come and see.” We think you will find warmth in our fellowship and a congregation that desires to serve the Lord not only in word and deed but in Truth.

By His Grace,

Kenneth L. Brantley


Elder Kenneth and Sister Anne Brantley